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Our program for 8th through 10th Graders is one through which students earn midot credits for participating in a variety of activities.  In addition to a monthly formal class, these options include attending services, taking part in youth activities, an additional program for confirmation students (tikkun midot) each month, being part of Generation to Generation: our new program through a Better Together grant, independent (or small group) study with one of the clergy, and other activities.  

The idea behind this is that students will receive credits for participating in Jewish life, so that when they are Confirmed, they have a sense of their Jewish selves and what they are confirming. Each year, we expect that each student will earn 108 points; we will do everything we can to help all of our students be successful in this endeavor.  

Click here to find a document which notes the midot opportunities—credits may also be given for other activities that students suggest. Students can submit their Midot Points here, as well as on paper. 

In addition, here is more information about our programs this coming year:

  • Classes will take place once a month on Sundays from 12:00 to 2:30 (immediately following Religious School), including lunch.  The first class is on September 11. The Classes will be taught by the clergy.  Each grade’s learning will be divided into 3 units, with special all Confirmation learning opportunities in between units:
    • 8th Grade: World Religions, Different Judaisms (the movements, as well as Jewish life throughout the world), and Reform Judaism
    • 9th Grade: What do Jews do? (mitzvot and Reform halakhah), What do Jews believe? (Jewish theology), and How do I fit in? (what do I, as an individual, believe)
    • 10th Grade: What is Torah? (an overview of Jewish text), How has Torah evolved? (how has Jewish text and our understanding of it changed over Jewish history), What’s MY Torah? (what is each individual student’s personal understanding of Torah and what are they personally confirming as they celebrate Confirmation)
  • Once a month will be Tikkun Midot, additional opportunities, the first on August 27, a Shabbat Afternoon nosh at Rabbi Tobonson's, on different days and times each month, will include community service, Jewish experience, trips, and cultural engagement.  These programs are for all 8th through 10th graders.
  • For the first time, we are offering Generation to Generation: a monthly opportunity for teens and seniors, as grant recipients of the Better Together Program.  Each month, after a few sessions of training, a group of our teens will meet with a group of seniors to learn about personal narratives and family histories, story telling, and documentary making.  The trip will include a day trip to New York City in the spring to visit locations important to the historic Jewish immigration experience.  The year will culminate in the teens filming mini-documentaries of each of the seniors, which will be edited and made into movies that will be shown at an end of the year celebration.  
  • Our Confirmation Calendar, can be found by clicking here:  highlights these and other opportunities in the synagogue through which students can earn midot points.  The calendar is an evolving document, to which program details and new opportunities are added throughout the year.  Each calendar entry includes the Midot Points value for that event, as well as other details.

We are excited for all that our community has to offer our teens, and look forward to seeing many of our young people participate in Jewish life in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Registration can be found here:  

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