Congregation Beth Emeth has an extensive program of educational opportunities for all ages.  We offer many lectures, classes and programs for the adult members of the congregation.

For additional information about adult education at Congregation Beth Emeth, please contact the office at 302-764-2393.


Every Saturday at 9:30 am

No experience or knowledge of Hebrew necessary.  Enjoy the camaraderie of others who are interested in exploring how the Torah portion of the week can speak to us now.

Torah Study will be HYBRID, both in the building (back in the board room) and online (Zoom link remains the same). PLEASE let the office know that you’re coming in person BY THURSDAY OF THAT WEEK (if we have fewer than five signed up for in-person we will have it on Zoom only).  You can reach us at 302-764-2393 or email with your rsvp.

Zoom link HERE


Project Zug

Beth Emeth is participating in a five-week course from Rabbi Avi Strausberg entitled "Out of the Ruins:  Jewish Wisdom on Resilience," culminating in a visit from Rabbi Strausberg to deepen our connection with our learning.  Participants will examine how our tradition embraces resilience, focusing on narratives from the Torah and events from Jewish history.

Project Zug is for people of all background and you can learn online or in-person.  Project Zug is a chevruta (partner) learning platform that connects Jews with each other - and with Jewish tradition - through weekly one-to-one learning.  It's a chance to meet someone new or deepen a relationship here at Beth Emeth.  If you already have a study partner in mind, great; if not, we will help you find one.

Sundays, 10:30am - 11:00am, In-person/online (individual learning)

  • 10/9 Introduction:  How does Zug work?  What will we be learning?  Begin to study
  • 10/16 thru 10/30: 10 minute explanation and reflection on the learning; time to study with your partner; Q&A for those who want it.
  • 11/6 Guest Rabbi Avi Strausberg:  Siyyum (celebration of completion) and reflection with Rabbi Strausberg, author and teacher of this course.

Course Description:  The past year has brought with it tremendous loss and uncertainty.  On a personal and communal level, many of us find ourselves grieving very tangible losses:  the loss of life above all, the loss of financial security, and the loss of the intimacy of in-person relationships.  At the same time, we find ourselves mourning abstract but very real losses:  the loss of the world we once knew, the loss of a sense of security, the loss of normalcy.  Throughout the ages, the Jewish people have experienced significant downfalls and periods of great adversity from the flood that nearly destroyed the world, to the destruction of the  Temple, to the Holocaust, and unprecedented time of darkness and despair.  An yet, each time, the Jewish people drew on well-springs of resilience to not only continue on but to continue forward, rebuilding for the next generation.

In this course, we'll look to our own tradition, focusing on narratives from the Torah as well as the events of Jewish history to mine our texts for wisdom on resilience.  We'll ask:  what are the different shapes resilience takes and how might we cultivate our own capacity for resilience based on wisdom of Jewish tradition?

November 6

9:30-10:30:  We Begin Again: Rebuilding from the Ruins - ZUG Participants Only
In the course of the Torah of Resilience, we've explored the many rises and falls throughout Jewish history in which the Jewish people were challenged to find resilience in the face of great crisis.  In our closing session, we'll turn to the words of 20th century thinker Rabbi Natan Zvi Finkel who will help us think about what it looks like to get up after the fall and how do we rebuild from the ruins.
10:30-11:30:  The Power of Words: Modern Feminist Midrash As A Tool For Reading Our Most Difficult Texts
The Power of Words: Modern Feminist Midrash As A Tool For Reading Our Most Difficult Texts Without words or voice, we are passive receivers of Jewish tradition. In the session, we turn to a modern feminist midrash which teaches us not only the power of language in advocating for those without a voice but invites us through the use of midrash, and its creative, interpretative language, to reread the parts of the Torah that challenge our modern day morality.  Register HERE.

November 16, 6:00pm - 6:45pm

Cultural Online Jewish Influencers

Social Media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok are increasingly becoming a space to share learning about Judaism in fun, sometimes flippant ways, making topics like the Talmud, Jewish ritual, and personal practice much more accessible. Together we’ll look at a couple of different Jewish “Influencers” and how their form of teaching is making a difference in the world.Register HERE.

December 14, 6:00pm - 6:45pm

Israeli Shlicha, Irit Gavze - more information to come.

Register HERE.