Membership Benefits

Joining Congregation Beth Emeth is one of the most worthwhile decisions you will make for your family's spiritual values. Congregation Beth Emeth has our Rabbi, Cantor, Rabbi Emeritus, a Director of Life Long Learning and one of the best groups of teachers in both our Hebrew and Sunday Religious Schools. Our talented Cantor leads very active programs for both our Adult and Youth Choirs.

Our warm and caring synagogue attracts members from throughout Delaware, Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania, and from Southern New Jersey. We have a broad range of activities for members of all ages.

Congregation Beth Emeth has a Fair Share Dues program and is committed to providing membership to any Jewish family regardless of their financial situation. Please see our Membership Interest Form Below.

Membership Privileges

  1. Free tickets for high holiday services
  2. Rabbinical services for Life Cycle Events
  3. Family and individual counseling
  4. Hospital visits and phone calls during illness
  5. Religious and Hebrew Education: K-8th Grade, Confirmation, High School Cadet Aide Program
  6. Scholarship opportunities
  7. Synagogue newsletter and e-news


We’ve updated our CBE Funeral Policy

While we all understand that death is a natural part of the life cycle, we of course recognize that it can be a stressful time for the family. When facing the death of a loved one, there are many tough decisions that must be made and families are often in need of comfort, support and guidance. AT CBE, our clergy and congregation are here to assist and support during these difficult times.

What’s new?

As always, a member of the Beth Emeth clergy team (or their community substitute if necessary) will be available to officiate at a local funeral of Beth Emeth members.  We are happy to announce that CBE clergy will now also officiate for the local funeral of those related to our members as a parent or child.

What’s the same?

As it’s always been, there will be no cost for the clergy's services and use of the sanctuary.  The standard rental fee will be assessed if a meal of condolence is held at Beth Emeth.

There are times when our clergy may be asked to officiate at the funeral of non-members, outside of Beth Emeth. In these cases, the following fees continue to apply:

$450 honorarium to the rabbi or cantor

$800 fee to Beth Emeth

Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Congregation Beth Emeth. Please click the button below and you will be automatically redirected to our membership application.