Our kindergarten and first-grade classes will explore the ideas of God and mitzvot, begin learning about modern Israel, and learn Torah Stories and the values that we can discover from them. 

Second Grade

Our second graders will learn about Jewish values through videos created by Bim Bam and hearing stories about these values. They will actively engage in these values by practicing them in the classroom, discovering how these values relate to the Jewish holidays, and will further explore these messages through art projects, skits, games, and more. Students will also begin learning to read Hebrew and will engage with cultural literacy Hebrew: prayers, blessings, and Hebrew words they will hear as part of everyday Jewish life. 

Third Grade

Third grade will explore the history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty of Israel through stories and puzzles. They will explore the Jewish Life Cycle through hands-on learning -- each bringing in a stuffy at the start of the semester who will experience pieces of the life cycle (with the child as the parent/guardian). Note: the stuffed animals will not experience death, but mourning, and will practice Jewish grief rituals and how to support those who are mourning. The semester will culminate in a Teddy Bear Wedding, at which all of the stuffed animals will get married to each other, and the class will celebrate together. 

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade will engage in both the study and the practice of becoming a mensch and engaging in tikkun olam by learning and practicing middot (Jewish values). Through stories and games, they will explore middot and how they inform all aspects of Jewish life, from holiday celebrations to everyday interactions. They will also begin exploring their own thoughts and beliefs about God, as well as the beliefs of our sages, through stories and activities that encourage questions, reflections, and interaction with peers. 

Fifth Grade

The fifth grade will be using a curriculum called The Box from the Jewish Education Center in Cleveland. Loosely following the teachings of Pirke Avot 1:12, students will learn of and begin to emulate the characteristics of Aaron, brother of Moses and first High Priest (Hakohen Hagadol) of the Israelites. Learning is pulled along by the unfolding mystery of a box filled with a variety of items. You can learn more about this curriculum here: VIDEO 

Sixth Grade

The seventh grade will begin focusing in earnest on the skills they will need to become B'nei Mitzvah: Children of the Commandments. During the first part of the day, they will study prayer with Cantor Flynn, learning the practical skills of chanting Torah and reciting brachot and exploring the spiritual meaning behind the words they recite. They join the seventh grade for the study of Torah's characters, themes, and values during the second part of the day. 

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade will focus both on Leadership and on Torah. During the first part of the day, students will learn about the Jewish principals that guide responsible leaders, as well as explore different types of leadership modeled throughout our community. During their second semester, they will become active leaders in the community by being madrichim in religious school classrooms or by engaging in other leadership roles in the school. During the second part of the day, students will engage in the study of Torah, searching for guidance to help them create a more just and equitable world.