Youth Activities at Beth Emeth

At Congregation Beth Emeth, we understand that youth are an essential part of our congregation, and that their participation and presence at the synagogue is essential to Beth Emeth thriving in the Jewish Community.

Beth Emeth has three active youth groups, plus additional youth programming for all ages. Each of the three youth groups has about one event per month. There are activities that are tailored to each demographic, as well as activities that are for everyone. Activities often have social, active, educational, Jewish, and philanthropic components.

Below are examples of activities that each youth group has enjoyed:

BESTY 4th and 5th Grade

Recent events have included Afternoon Movies, Minute To Win It, Board Game Parties, mitzvah projects, and more!

BESTY 6th through 7th Grade

Recent events have included Minute To Win It, GaGa Party, BBQ’s, and more!

BESTY – For 8th through 12th Grade

Recent events have included movie nights, Sky Zone, Shul Ins, and more!


Events open to all Temple Youth Groupers include monthly Kabalat Shabbat the first Friday of each month, the Purim Carnival, various other holiday celebrations, and more!

Questions about Youth Activities?

You are welcome to contact Samantha Schnall, Director Youth & Family Programs.

You May also contact Eliana Hall, Director of Life Long Learning at 302 764-2393, or you may email her at

You may see a sampling of current youth activities by visiting our website:

Click HERE to view our BESTY Constitution.

*NFTY is the North American Federation of Temple Youth, an international organization of Reform Jewish Youth. Our teens participate in NFTY through regional and North American events. NFTY provides programs for 6th through 12th graders.

We are part of the Pennsylvania Area Region, known as NFTY PAR. NFTY PAR events can be as close as Delaware, or far as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Transportation is arranged for events that are further away. The BESTY Advisor attends NFTY Events whenever possible.