Below are links to all the printable curriculum by grade:



Teshuva – Doing Better:  It is important to remember that everyone can always do better, even when we make mistakes. 

Hakarat Hatov – Gratitude: Remembering the things we are grateful for helps us make good choices. 

Class activities: 

  • Warm clothing drive challenge  
  • Gratitude journal 
  • Pay it forward challenge 
  • Count your blessings in Hebrew 
  • Interview a partner about gratitude 

Song: Baruch Ata Adonai, Thank you God: 

Achrayut – Thinking of Others: When we think of others our community is a more joyful place. 

Song: Kol Yisrael: 

Honi story: 

Class Activities: 

  • Kendra’s Kindness “take one” sheets from last year! 
  • Tu Bishvat caring for the earth activity 

Lashon Hara – Guarding Your Tongue: It is important to remember that our words are powerful. They can either help or hurt. 

Ask for any of these books and I can order if we do not have it: 

Binah – Seeking Meaning and Understanding: Learning new things helps us to be partners with God.