Our Twin Congregation Project

Judaism is alive and well in Congregation Madregot in Tyumen, Russia. In 1992, in the wake of the fall of the Communist government a small group of Jewish residents of this oil town on the edge of Siberia gathered to begin the formation of a progressive Jewish congregation. They successfully obtained from the City an old dilapidated building that had been a synagogue in spite of Chabad’s strenuous attempt to gain control. They received a very generous donation and restored the synagogue, built in 1912 but used for storage etc. for over seventy years, into a lovely building that has become a center of Jewish life in the community. Over the years Beth Emeth has helped them pay for security for their building, religious school teachers, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and holiday celebrations, and programs for the elderly.  They have a full yearly schedule and depend on our donations to carry it on.

We have seen Congregation Madregot grow from a small group fighting for a reclaimed synagogue into a vibrant congregation with a full year-round calendar of religious services, educational classes and very creative programs……all without a rabbi! Over the years Congregation Beth Emeth has had the privilege to send over $65,000 and counting.  Each year we request a contribution to help our "twin" congregation flourish.  Please respond generously (below).  Also take a look at the pictures from Madregot in the slider below.